Which ANY subjective thing has my bias in it

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Which ANY subjective thing has my bias in it

Beitragvon winterfire » Mi 22. Jan 2020, 06:55

I'll try to spell it out clearly since you keep missing my point: Between 1.5 and 1.12 AV there is no one that makes more sense than the other from a purely objective standpoint.

Which given that there is no objective measurement to go on wow classic gold, the logical conclusion is to use a subjective one.

Which ANY subjective thing has my bias in it. It's completely inescapable.

1.12 as a foundation

Which version of AV makes the most sense?

That aside, I am not really worried about your actual stance on the argument but that arrogance of “They should do as I want and if you don't like it don't play it” is really what leads me to believe you have no sense of logic.

So I will really make this short for you from how I see you write.

1.12 in the foundation of classic

Most of the things confirmed, are 1.12 features

You say they should go with something that isn't 1.12 and people just shouldn't play it if they don't like it.

You really don't understand how dumb this sounds? No? Oh, okay, cheap classic gold at mywowgold.com.

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